So… What is your goal?

As a young professional/fitness instructor/average world citizen, I often find myself in “health” related conversations. The conversations are often amongst my female friends and the usual statements I hear are “I want to be healthier,”I need to be better,”I was good this week,”etc. My follow up question is usually: what do you mean by that? or, what is your goal exactly? The answers range from I just want to wear the clothes that don’t fit me anymore, to I just want to lose weight, or I just want to be better.

The popular focus is usually on fairly superficial things such as the number on the scale, the size of clothes we are wearing and all these measurements vary from day to day. the weather affects your weight, a salty meal affects your waist size, that extra glass of wine makes you puffy and bloated. What would happen if the focus is shifted to other variables such as strength, endurance, speed, stamina? When you focus on those variables you get to measure progress over time and focus on small milestones. Let’s say today you can do 3 push ups; you decide to do these push update 3-5 times a week. What happens after a month? 3 push ups are a piece of cake! so you increase the number of push ups, and you do them slower then faster and after another 4 weeks of work you notice that this exercise has become easier! Your focus has been on performance and improvement, then you look at your arms and notice muscle definition; muscle tone and feel like a super human. What happened? the focus was shifted from body image perception to fitness performance and the result? defined muscles, better posture which translates into feeling better overall.

Let’s look at beauty in a different way. Let’s use our bodies to perform, to feel better in our skins and experience life. In order to experience life, we need to move, we need to have time for friends, SO, and family, time for hobbies and time to relax. What is the most efficient way to achieve better health and performance? High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to deliver results fast! BBBC concept is based on HIIT and the  classes are designed in a way to create the best hormonal impact that will increase your sense of well being while committing minimum amount of time. By experiencing muscle failure and breathlessness for a short period of time, we release cortisol and adrenaline which helps mobilize fat. Change will then happen during rest and recovery a.k.a. fun times!

How to do this? I have a solution for you! Join me twice a week for a smart HIIT fun session. 2 hours a week will give you one of the many variables needed to improve your health quickly. Human beings are meant to thrive in society, a supportive group will help you enjoy the journey to your personal goals. Whatever this goal is! let’s have the mindset of an athlete. Achieve better health by improving speed, performance, and sense of accomplishment.


Every Monday and Wednesday

Hudson River Greenway (meeting location at The Apple

6:30 pm

Email me at to reserve your spot. $15 first time special! payable via PayPal.

Cannot wait to see you there!!

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