Clean Eating… What exactly is that?

How is your summer going? I have to say that I have been enjoying mine to the max! Longer days with enjoyable weather mean more time outdoors with good friends and lots of fresh produce! Lighter options at every meal are a lot easier for me during the warmer months. I know, I know it’s been way too hot with the heatwave we experienced last week, BUT I prefer warmer weather 🤗

I mentioned clean eating in my last post and I’d like to talk about what it means (to me) to eat clean. There are so many people out there promoting “eating clean, healthy, wholesome …” etc. It gets so confusing! In brief, clean eating is being mindful of consuming foods that are as close to their truest form as possible. Think a fresh apple vs Apple chips. Both options give you “fruit” but one if more nutritious than the other.

Living in a busy city like NYC, going for convenience is just another form of survival so it is essential that we all have at least a little bit of understanding of how we can look for nutrition as much as possible.

We need to remember that food is medicine and our bodies need nutrition in order to thrive. Vegetables are some of the most nutritious foods we can fill our bellies with. The different colors and textures mean that they are full of all the nutrients that’s we need. For example, all green vegetables and leaves contain vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. We need vitamins and minerals to maintain our bodies like a well oiled machine. Chlorophyll acts as detoxifying agent… so how does that kale salad or spinach salad sound huh? Look for all different colors and you’ll be filling yourself up with all the nutrients you need. When possible, try to find produce that is sourced locally. Why? The sooner you consume the produce after harvest, the more nutritious it is. This also supports local businesses 😉

In addition to vegetables, which are as fresh as possible, make sure you are choosing good fat options to add to your plate. Think avocados, olives, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and raw seeds and nuts. The process of roasting seeds and nuts changes the healthy fats into rancid fat so they become inflammatory foods. Good fats are essential for our bodies to absorb the nutrients of the foods we are eating as well as maintaining good energy in between meals. There is a lot of research suggesting that avoiding fat in our diet is detrimental to overall health; so do yourself a favor and make sure you add a moderate amount of fat to all of your meals.

So that’s it! Clean eating means choosing foods that are as fresh as possible and filling yourself up with that! In addition to healthy fats and fresh veggies, add the protein of your choice and you got yourself a nutritious meal that will keep your body healthy and happy! Also, stay hydrated so you can avoid headaches, cramps and keep your skin free of unwanted zits 😝

I hope to see you in class soon! We are kicking butt every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm in riverside park (meet up location on the cross of Charles st and Pier 46). Email me for reservation!

Enjoy this beautiful weather! Send me a note with any questions you may have or any other topics you’d like me to discuss.

See you soon!


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