Summer of 2018 is gone. Did you enjoy it? I surely did! Between teaching classes, spending time outdoors in and out of the city, and reading a LOT of books I think that I’ve put much effort into living my best life. In addition to all the cool day to day stuff I just mentioned, I had the opportunity to join a cycling tour through Tuscany (Italy) with Intrepid Travel (not getting paid for this!).

What an incredible experience! The excitement to get out of my comfort zone physically had me push through my mental limits a LOT! There is so much to talk about but I want to focus on one point this time: are you living your best life? And by this I don’t mean winning the rat race at work/social media game/insert yours here; I mean, when you sit down and really think about your life. Do you think you are existing or enjoying the journey?

During this trip, my friend Laura and I met incredible people from several geographies, age ranges, professions, hobbies and we all shared one thing in common: we were going to spend a lot of time together eating, drinking and riding our bikes! In a matter of a few days, we were all enjoying each other’s company, sharing our life stories, telling jokes, manifesting desires and savoring local food and lots of wine šŸ·šŸ·šŸ„‚šŸ„‚

So many inspirational examples… one of our trip companions switched careers 2 years ago and her business is booming! Another lovely lady did her first Ironman at the age of 60! She and her friends climbed Kilimanjaro before joining a 7-day cycling trip, another person had a few joints replaced just so he could continue having a fun active life! Every single traveler gave me a piece of his/her heart, showed kindness, and reminded me how awesome the world is! I’m indeed a traveler at heart.

So, how are you crafting your best life? I’m surely a work in progress… teaching weekly BBBC classes is one of the things I do to live my best life. I love inspiring you, pushing you to your limits and sharing my passion with you. As I wait for my šŸ‘ kickers to come to class, I find myself grateful for the opportunity to be a source of motivation for you. I hope to see you in class soon! Deets: Schedule.

PS: my friend Laura teaches super fun Zumba classes several times a week… check her out when you can! DM her so she can say hello!

‘Til next time!

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