Gobble Gobble!

And just like that, we are entering the 2018 holiday season. Wow! Where did time go?

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday, not only because it is inclusive, but because it provides us with the opportunity to be grateful for the fortunes that we have. It is also the time when we get to sit around a big table surrounded by loved ones and be grateful together. New York City can be such a challenging place because we all have so much to do, so much to accomplish, so much to experience that time becomes scarce and scheduling difficult. 

Enjoy thanksgiving mindfully remembering that thanksgiving is about community, connection, quality time with one another; not just about the yummy food and delightful beverages. I want to encourage you to enjoy this beautiful time and start thinking about all the fortunes in your life. Think about how to give back so we can spread it all around. Remember to be thankful for yourself as well. Thinking of others is a wonderful thing but generosity comes from a place of abundance, so take care of yourself too. 

Should you overindulge, join me in class next week! We are meeting at the same place and time for our regular classes… exercise in the cold is very good for your health and gives an extra boost to your metabolism! Schedule.

In the meantime, let me gift you a quick HIIT routine so you can get a pre-dinner turkey burn or a morning after burn:

Four rounds, form is most important:

15 prisoner squats

15 pulses on the lowest squat you can hold

15 burpees

15 push ups

hold 30 second plank

30 mountain climbers

15 supermans

For the grand finale, one round of 30 donkey kicks per side and stretch!

Let me know how it goes 🙂 

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope to see your beautiful face soon! 

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