Flexibility and Consistency

It has been a while since I released a post… 2019 seems to be pretty “busy” for everyone, I swear, it is not just me! How is it going for you so far? I am keeping up with my goal with spending quality time with friends (new and old ones 😊). My intention to keep an open heart and an open mind is definitely challenging and I am grateful to have people around me to remind me of that. I can honestly say that this new habit is making life a little bit more rosy 🌷🌷

Vernal equinox is almost here, which means that Winter, my favorite season to slow down and regenerate, is almost over. Spring time brings about renewed energy; the longer and warmer days invite for spring cleaning of all sorts… How are you doing with your goals? Intentions? Clutter? Let’s have a check in on progress!

Living in NYC where so many people encourage the “work hard, play hard” motto, it is easy to fall into the all or nothing mentality when it comes to one’s health and fitness journey. Unfortunately, this approach can create so much anxiety (read: cortisol, a fat storage hormone) and actually set you back on your goals and leave you feeling defeated. It’s been almost one year since I started teaching downtown and, with this the first anniversary of my 3 most loyal buttkickers. The progress I see in each of them is astonishing! During this year, we have all had to deal with our own individual lives, which led to occasional breaks in our works outs, but they always came back for more. One year later, they are all stronger in the ways that matter: stronger immune systems, more endurance, stronger bodies, better sleep and increased interest in an active lifestyle. I check in with each of them occasionally to make sure that I am doing my job 💪🏼

During this time they have all been flexible when life got in the way of their work outs or clean eating. Each hurdle becoming a lesson for the next time there was the opportunity of choosing “wiser,” after all, life is meant to be enjoyed. They have also been very consistent over time. One cheat meal stayed a cheat meal, each missed work out remained a missed work out resuming smart choices as soon as possible. The results are amazing and I cannot wait to see what this year brings to our growing fittam! 

I’d love to add youth our growing fitfam! with the weather changing there is no excuse but to get your butt outside and have a good time with us! Coming back in full force in April:

Monday and Wednesday: 6:30pm

Meet at the Apple: cross between Charles st. and pier 41

First time special: $15

Reserve your spot by emailing me at gabby.nyc.fitness@gmail.com 

Cannot wait to see you soon!

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