What is going on! I have Plateaued

The definition of plateau is “a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.” Plateauing is very common in our individual fitness journeys, even healthy. Depending on the fitness routine you are on, you will most likely find yourself making a lot of progress at the beginning, which can be very motivating and encouraging to stick to your program. Then all of the sudden, without notice you stop noticing changes, you stop feeling sore and become discouraged. What happened? Most likely, your body caught up with the changes in your routine and progress stopped. You start wondering what happened and, often times, give up altogether then go back to the old habits that were not working… progress stopped… so, who cares?

Many a times plateauing demotivates people but it is just a call for action. A review of the status quo in order to shake things up enough to start moving in the direction that was intended. When you find yourself questioning whether it is worth it to continue with your new healthy habits, how about you think: What is this period trying to tell me? Perhaps, the new exercise program has become too easy and it is time to make it a little harder! If you are working out on own, you have a few options to make the routine more challenging. For example, you can increase the weight you are using, you can slow down the count, hold a concentric contraction at the end of the rep! Each of these options will challenge your body in a slight different way and put you back on the route you were on!

Is your plateau related to food intake? Are you eating mindfully and nourishing your body in a way that it is not fighting itself? If you have been restricting food too much, plateaus will let you know that your body is going to hold on to everything that you eat in order to survive. Make sure you are paying attention to important signs such as your mood, sleep patterns, skin glow, etc. If, on the other hand, you have been indulging often, maybe it’s time to clean up your diet a little bit. One additional stressor in a busy NYC life is our social life competing with our work life competing with our fit life; are you balancing things in a way that works for you? Perhaps an extra hour of sleep each night will help, or a long nap on Saturday, or skipping one happy hour. You choose!

Exercise routines and food/drink intake are the usual first suspects to review once we start experiencing plateaus. Send me a note with any thoughts or questions you may have! I’d be happy to connect. Also! come and join class for a bit of a curve ball to your routine! Classes are always fun and challenging! I am holding classes every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30PM on Riverside Park! First class special $15 payable via PayPal. I look forward to having you in class! Also! depending on interest and sing ups, I am holding classes on Saturdays! Keep an eye out on your feed and e-mail for an upcoming fundraising event I will be collaborating in mid-July!

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