Clean Eating… What exactly is that?

How is your summer going? I have to say that I have been enjoying mine to the max! Longer days with enjoyable weather mean more time outdoors with good friends and lots of fresh produce! Lighter options at every meal are a lot easier for me during the warmer months. I know, I know it's … Continue reading Clean Eating… What exactly is that?

How can I lose weight?

Take a look at my first post... you'll see where I stand in the "I want to lose weight" mentality. I strongly believe that working on performance, good nutrition and enjoying life brings about feelings of comfort in one's body. However, I'd be lying if I told you I never cared, or still care, about … Continue reading How can I lose weight?

So… What is your goal?

As a young professional/fitness instructor/average world citizen, I often find myself in "health" related conversations. The conversations are often amongst my female friends and the usual statements I hear are "I want to be healthier,"I need to be better,"I was good this week,"etc. My follow up question is usually: what do you mean by that? … Continue reading So… What is your goal?